Thursday, October 16, 2014

Good Morning, Rovers

There needs to be a word for it when you get lost down a Tumblr hole looking at a random string of barely connected photographs - I wish there were some way to make "Tumblrweeding" a thing. Anyway last night at the same time there abouts where I found all those Paul Newman pictures (not to mention all these pictures of Bridge on the River Kwai's Geoffrey Horne) I also discovered the existence of the movie Wild Rovers, a 1971 Western directed by Blake Edwards and starring Ryan O'Neal and William Holden. Specifically I discovered the existence of this scene of Ryan O'Neal getting all naked with Bill.

I haven't watched the entire film, just a couple of scenes, but the gayest thing about it, even gayer than our hearty cowboys getting trashed and bathing their bits together, is probably the poster.

I would ask you who wore that pose best, these guys or the pair from Brokeback, but that's not really a fair contest and we know where the percentages would go on that beforehand. But still - the point remains! Anybody seen Wild Rovers?

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Roark said...

I saw it a few years ago and don't remember all that much about it plot wise, but it wasn't all that good. The poster is the gayest thing about it. The movie itself is pretty much on par with what you'd get from any old cowboy picture.