Friday, October 10, 2014

Good Morning, Jonathan Tucker

I wasn't sure how to frame this post, since pretty much every single shot of Jonathan Tucker in the first episode of DirectTV's new show Kingdom - which is streaming online now! - needed to be capped. He is totally naked to 95% naked to, uh, maybe 93% naked, basically the entire time.

There's a scene that goes on for several minutes of him in those... can I even call them briefs? Briefs tend to cover some of the ass, while these...

... these do not. And yes most of his nudity involves Nick Jonas being  there, being kissed or placed camera-wise at crotch-level or the two of them rolling around...

... what I'm saying is is that Kingdom has maybe defeated me. It's so gratuitous that capping it has become futile - they have won, and forced me to tell you to just watch the show. This is the future! They've figured it out!

Just get your characters naked the entire time, 
and everybody has to watch! We can't look away!

Okay all that said of course I did cap as much as I possibly could
 without losing my mind, so hit the jump for more.
You win this round, Tucker!


Bill Carter said...

Jesus! Just...Jesus!

You're totally right about having to watch the whole thing. Always been a JT fan, but I've never seen him like this before. What an amazing body.

I assume--I hope--the ink is fake, because why would anyone mar perfection like that?

Joey said...

Sheeeeeesh! That bulge!

Anonymous said...

That's quite the bulge.

Craig Buntin said...

Nick Jonas told Andy Cohen that he does lots of nudity on this show, so let's hope Nick's nude scenes are next!

Unknown said...

LOok liKe gAy porn StAr!

Anonymous said...

Why does a leg always seem to get in the way of the goods?