Thursday, October 23, 2014

Do Dump or Marry: Not A Razor In Sight

Well here's an odd little threesome I never would've put together for one of these Do Dump or Marry posts without some strange GQ Ball putting them together for me - we have a gallantly bearded Andrew Garfield (hey if Martin Scorsese wanted you to star in his next movie you'd probably carve off your nose so don't begrudge him some wooliness), a sharp as shit Pacey I mean Joshua Jackson (sigh I miss Fringe), and a somewhat bedraggled looking Taylor Kitsch. You know what to do in the comments!


JH said...

Do: Kitsch
Dump: Garfield
Marry: Jackson

The Bloody Munchkin said...

Don't Make me choose! This one hurts. It hurts so much.

Do Kitcsh because I've seen him in a speedo and I need to see the rest damn it all.

Dump Garfield, because he walks the tightrope between dorky and adorable but he falls of more often than not on the dorky side.

Marry Pacey, I mean Jackson, because every morning I wake up and see that lying next to me is a good day.

Roark said...

Do: Kitsch. I just saw his abs again in Lone Survivor and, like, hello!

Dump: Peter Bishop (Pacey who?)


Anonymous said...

I honestly don't get why that spider guy is in our lives. He has such a boring face and is NOT an actor. He is not good looking not even have a good body. He doesn't have an ass. It's his body double that has one. so Kill Garfield (OMG were his parents stupid and named him after that lazy cat?
Dump that guy who is "Married" to Helen of Troy and Do & Marry Kitsch!


Anonymous said...

I love Josh. He always looks sharp on the red carpet.So many men wear ill fitting suits.

I would do Kitsch and Marry Josh. I'm dumping Garfield because of his awful facial hair. I think its for a role.

Homeslaughter said...

Do: Taylor. Once would be enough, inbred looking face
Dump: Andrew, such an actor
Marry: Pacey of course

Parker said...

I just can't even deal with the people dumping Andy Garfield! Sure the beard isn't doing him any favors, but my god you loons!
The only answer to this question:
Do: Taylor Kitsch (It's what former models are for)
Dump: Joshua Jackson (He's fine, but with this competition…)
Marry: Andrew Garfield (Hot, seems smart, British, perfection)

Also, Anonymous, besides having terrible taste in men and acting, you do realize Garfield is his last name? His parents did not choose it, dummy.