Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cannibals On Stage

The newly annual TV fan celebration PaleyFest NY happened over the weekend and thankfully I squirreled my way into the panel on NBC's Hannibal at the last minute - with every going on these past few weeks this event had slipped past my radar and if I'd missed it I would've had to cut off my own face and feed it to some dogs I'd have been so disappointed. 

Anyway as you see nearly the whole gang was there - from left to right in that top picture we've got Charline Dhavernas (whose name I learned is pronounced Care-o-lean), Laurence Fishburne, Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, and creator Bryan Fuller. You wanna know what I learned watching them up there?

These guys all seem to really, really like each other. They were a ton of fun to watch - Caroline, token lady, was maybe a little more reserved than the rest of the boy-pack (sexy sexy sexy boy-pack) but then at the end she stayed around and greeted fans for as long as the theater let her (only she and Fuller stayed) and she's aces.

But then she has been since Wonderfalls, of course. And yes, somebody brought a brass monkey from Wonderfalls for her to pose with, and it was awesome.

Pretty much all the new news about Hannibal that came from the show's long been reported by sites that are more punctual in their reporting than I - you can see a run-down of that kinda thing at this link. The last two items there are the ones I really took note of - because of where the characters are going to be next season after the bloodbath finale last year, we'll be seeing fewer of the show's patented "murder tableau" this season, which makes sense; and also the news that we're diving right into the Red Dragon storyline in Season 3. Score! I cannot wait to see who they get to play Francis Dolarhyde, you guys. Who would you cast?

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Marc said...

I was there too! The panel was fantastic. Caroline, I think, gave away a little more about her character than she was supposed to when she answered that question near the end.

Shame that most of the actors didn't stick around. I *nearly* made my way to Mads before security got him out. At least he and Hugh signed as they left though. If I saw correctly, Fishburne sort of circumvented the crowd and was out ASAP. I didn't realize Caroline stuck around, but I did briefly chat with Bryan Fuller. He's a sweetheart.