Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Bust Some Ghosts (Emphasis On Bust)

Bridesmaids director Paul Feig tweeted a couple of hours ago that it's official, he is making a new Ghostbusters movie, and it will star "hilarious women." Meanwhile I really really really would like Anna Faris back in the movies, you guys. A match made in heaven! 

Who do you want slipping on a pink proton pack?


Fernando Moss said...

I'd really love someone "older" in the mix like Fran Drescher, Megan Mullally, Lesley Ann Warren, Lisa Kudrow, Whoopi Goldberg... but I don't think they'd go there.

Joey said...

Ari Graynor!!!

Scot said...

Kathy Bates, she's always soooo good!

Gozer said...

Where the hell did you fall in love with Anna "All my movies are turds" Faris so hard? She has LITERALLY never been in a single good movie...ever. The only reason I can even mildly tolerate her is because of the fact that she gets to put Chris Pratt's erect penis in her mouth whenever she wants.

Anyway my cast would be:

Melissa McCarthy (obviously)
Sandra Bullock (who I hate but her chemistry with McCarthy is undeniable)
Anna Kendrick
Elizabeth Banks
Kristen Wiig

a little too white I know but these are my "safe" picks for my "totally-are-you-fucking-kidding-me-that-would-never happen" list...

Gabourey Sidibe
Tina Fey
Lena Dunham
Allison Janey
Julia-Louis Dreyfus

Noecitos said...

I used to love Faris but I think throughout her career she gets increasingly worse as an actress. Specially when she tries to stretch and do something that is not crazy comedy. I recently saw her in "I Give it a Year" and she was terrible. Rose Byrne, on the other hand, I'd follow anywhere.

Gozer said...

Yeah Rose Byrne is amazing. She did the unthinkable, she managed to make Seth Rogen...tolerable. O.O