Monday, October 06, 2014

Bob is Back

Well this week just became the week when it was announced that David Lynch is going to write and direct nine more episodes of Twin Peaks, that is it's official name, that is what historians will call this week, from now until eternity, everything else can wrap it up and go home cuz OH MY GOD.


Bendt Moerch said...

Reading this tv line interview with Frost, there were a couple of links to other pages with command titles ("characters that must return"! & "burning questions that must be answered"!) -- and somehow I get the sense that these attention grabbing title generators are just a bit... Entitled.
I'm saying this as someone who experienced Twin Peaks in original tv broadcast time and I remember vividly it pissing people off by not immidiately satisfying their wants (/like, after having waited a gruelling year following the first season's cliffhanger and getting... half an hour with an old, senile waiter fussing about a bleeding Cooper) and I kind of hope that this new season will follow in the same footsteps. D'ya know wot I mean?

Jason Adams said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean, Bendt, and I think if there's any director who does too it is David Lynch. I can't imagine the man who made Fire Walk With Me thinking this is the time to answer all the mysteries and solve all the riddles. That is not David Lynch, and anybody expecting such things is out of their mind. And that's why he rules. (Or one of the reasons, anyway.)

My only hope is he gets Laura Dern onto the show. That's all I am asking for.

Bendt Moerch said...

Like minds!!!!

That was my first thought, too!