Thursday, October 23, 2014

13 Phones of Halloween #5

Today's episode of the "13 Phones of Halloween" is like one of those clips shows they did all the time on The Golden Girls. Picture it: Miami, 1987, we're all sitting around the table in the kitchen eating cheesecake. (I find it tremendously easy to picture this.) Here at MNPP I've done three Thursday's Ways To To Die previously that involved phones. Here are those three.

Reach Out & Throttle Someone -- A look at PJ Soles infamously chesty strangling scene in John Carpenter's Halloween (hey we were just talking about this scene yesterday too!)

Fashion Faux-Pwned -- It takes all the way to the end of John Waters' Serial Mom for Patty Hearst to finally get her white-after-Labor-Day comeuppance, but Beverly Sutphin never forgets

Phone Shark -- This scene from Le Magnifique's opening credits remains one of the most delightfully bat-shit kills we've showcased; come for the shooting a shark in the face...

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