Wednesday, October 22, 2014

13 Phones of Halloween #4

Welcome to the Phone-A-Date Club from Once Bitten!
When I was ten years old...

... this place seemed like the height of worldly sophistication.

Every table has a phone (lips, of course - I love the 80s) and a number, and you'd just call up the lady or gentleman that caught your eye across the room - voila, instant love connection!

Our hero Mark (Jim Carrey) is out partying with his friends Jamie and Russ (more about their weird queer relationship here), trying to mend a busted heart. Russ dives right into the scene...

"Hi there! Number 17? I'm Russ and I'm a Sagittarius. 
I enjoy surfing, candlelit dinners, and Tolstoy."

"Look. I'm a mature person, 
and you're a mature person, so..."

"She said come on over!
You got it, honey!"

"Hi there, Russ. Sit down. A Sagittarius? Dynamite! 
I'm a Gemini. Hey man, you know what that means?"

"Like... H2O!"

 "Are you... a guy?"

"Does it matter?"

What is it about the 80s and Gay Panic? Gay Panic be all up in everything, but especially anything having to do with teenage boys. I suppose it was just the growing pains of gay visibility being played out - anyway Mark's pals Jamie and Russ are constantly confronted with gay stuff (get a load of the shower scene where they basically sexually assault Mark played as comic misunderstanding...

... being the constant butts of the joke will do that to ya.

"We might as well move in together
 and get His & His towels."

What I love about this scene though is the squeal and prissy little huff that Russ storms away with. It's even too much for Number 17...


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