Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You Want It, Scoot's Got It

I can't remember what it was he was watching but a week or two ago I heard my boyfriend scream from the other room, "He's in this TOO???" Sure enough when I checked it was the ever-present Scoot McNairy bringing about the uncouth outburst. Scoot's definitely having a moment, and I'm actually fine with it cuz he's pretty much great. Anyway I thought of this just now reading he's been cast along with Billy Bob Thornton in David Gordon Green's next movie, the political dramedy Our Brand Is Crisis, which is already set to star Sandra Bullock. For the record I'm also pro-Billy-Bob right now after he blew my lid off with his work on Fargo, the best thing he's done in years. (pics via)

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Anonymous said...

What's with these glory hole pictures?