Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wes ♥ Zac

I don't know and I don't care what the context is of these pictures of Wes Bentley and Zac Efron getting all up on each other within the movie they're currently filming, because the image itself is everything - long live the image.

(thanks Mac) Catfish's Max Joseph is directing this thing; we've already seen him and Zac romping around without their shirts on on the beach. Can you say Best Picture? See more after the jump!


triggerua said...

My god, these are almost as good as the pictures you posted last year of McG and Tom Hardy. There has to more to the photos, right?

Anonymous said...

couldn't they just make out. i think thats all Zac has to do for me to fully watch one of his movies. make out with a guy. i need to start a petition, i need to take it to the white house.


test said...

I have been waiting for Wes to be gay since American Beauty. Finally!

Alex Pettyfer tongueing Zac Efron pls said...

Ho-leeee fuck! If these two had kissed I would have dropped dead right where I'm sitting and it would've been okay because at least I had died seeing Zac Efron's lips touch another man's lips.

Please Lee Daniels I am fucking begging you make that god damned gay action movie and cast Zac Efron in the lead! I need to see him kiss a man before I die.