Thursday, September 04, 2014

Today's Mood

I feel sort of bag for ragging on Linda Hamilton, legend, for making that deliriously doofy face in the SyFy flick Bermuda Tentacles (wtf with that title) but I took five minutes out of my life to fast-forward through it (it's out on DVD next week -- don't buy it!) to see if her co-star Trevor Donovan ever dropped his military uniform at any point, and he does not, so a big middle finger to everybody involved, I says. What are we even here for, Bermuda Tentacles? You have let us all down. Bermuda Tentacles.

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Scot said...

Hey, you're talking to us remember? You're not looking for Bermuda Tentacles, You're looking for Bermuda Testicles. That place where many a sailor has gone down... No such luck Buddy, no such luck! :o)