Monday, September 22, 2014

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... jockeying for Chris Pine's attention.

Y'all recall that Joe Carnahan movie Stretch that I've told you about a few times now? It stars Chris Pine and Patrick Wilson...

... and it's coming out on VOD next month after a bit of a delay? Well a pair of videos for the movie came out over the weekend - one full clip, and one behind-the-scenes gag reel - and they're all about Chris Pine (rocking what I called his "Gorton's Fisherman Beyond Thunderdome" look) shimmying his ass in a jockstrap in front of Patrick Wilson.

It's a whole lot of something to behold. So if you wanna - behold Chris Pine's bare ass, that is - hit the jump where I'll share the videos plus a whole buncha caps. (Bonus: there's a scene of Patrick Wilson shaking his ample ass, too)...


That's PW in the back, humping the car.
Lucky fucking car.

1 comment:

mangrove said...

How could you miss the one where Pine is spilling out of his jockstrap while serving some teabagging realness?