Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Myriad Browns of Borgman

I just realized that I never reviewed Borgman when I saw it forever months ago, huh. I can't very well review it now, since it's been, as I just said, forever months since I saw it. Thankfully for all of us it's out on blu-ray today! We can all watch or re-watch it together, and we can all make up our own damn minds, and oh such fun we will all have in the process. 

I will say I remember being vaguely disappointed with the film - it's certainly gorgeous and it's admirably dedicated to its weirdness, but as something that was described to me as a meeting of Michael Haneke and Yorgos Lanthimos it didn't entirely live up to that promise. (But then, what possibly could?) Did any of you see it?

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