Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Stripping Speedman Down

I guess we're being upstanding moral citizens this week (boring!) with regards to those pictures that were stolen from a bunch of actresses over the weekend and therefore I've got to hold to the same standards when it comes to the few men-folk who were included, and so I won't post the couple of shots of Scott Speedman that were included - only shirtless - in the batch from when he and Teresa Palmer were an item. Siiiiiiiigh. Scott looks great in them though, he really should just photo-shop her out and release them himself. (Teresa looks beautiful too, for whatever it's worth; I know that's not the point, blah blah.) Anyway instead I'll post that shirtless picture of him up top from his new movie October Gale opposite Patty Clarkson, which is playing at TIFF. There's a clip too, which you can watch here. It's not from the shirtless scene though. God we make so many sacrifices.

Oh and a happy belated to him - 
yesterday was his 39th birthday.
And he wears every one of them years so well.

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Anonymous said...

he was at his sexiest in Barney's Version. how he smolders!