Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Quote of the Day II

In just a couple of days the big ass John Waters Retrospective at the Film Society of Lincoln Center starts and I couldn't be more excited. Some good old fashioned filth is just what I need in my life right now. (It's the perfect build-up to the upcoming New York Film Festival and all its respectability, methinks.) Anyway The Dissolve sat down with the man the myth the prince of puke himself and as always the whole goddamned interview's worth your time (thanks Mac) but I loved this bit about working with Kathleen Turner on Serial Mom because truer words have never been spoken about some awful unacceptable words:

"[S]he was no problem. Her and [Dreamlander] Mink Stole are great in the movie. Perfect example. They played off each other. Mink and Kathleen are still friends. When I meet with stars before, I can weed out the ones without a sense of humor. It’s the ones who talk about their “journey” and their “craft.” As soon as you say those two words, I know you’re not going to get along in Baltimore with us."

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