Friday, September 12, 2014

Now It's Not Just Me Doing The Noting

Blogging nobodies like lil' ol' me have been clanging the bell about the Noted Homosexual to end all Noted Homosexuals for years now but the tabloids have kept themselves mum... until now. And they're being so nice about it! The Sun is reporting that Luke Evans and male model Jon Kortajarena are, like, totally official. The Sun puts their news behind a fire-wall so here's the tidbits via The Daily Mail:

"The Sun is reporting that The Hobbit hunk Luke Evans, 35, has fallen for handsome Spanish model Jon Kortajarena. A source told the paper: 'It's a long-term, serious relationship and Luke is besotted. He loves introducing Jon as his boyfriend. 'Everyone is talking about what a good-looking couple they are.'"

So yes that's two tabloids, two for the price of one, reporting what we've known for awhile now. Is he going to have to respond now? It'll just be that ol' chestnut about private lives being private right? (thanks anon)


Anonymous said...

The Spanish press has picked up on it too. I wonder how Luke will handle it. Considering he & Jon have resorted to arriving at functions separately as of late I'm thinking he still wanted to live in his glass closet.

Anonymous said...

Weird. Luke always was worried about his future as a leading man. Love changes everything?

mangrove said...

Only two comments for a Noted Homosexual post?

Has his fan club finally accepted the truth and moved on?

Hi My Name Is said...

I made HOT TOPICS! Does that mean I'm blog famous?

I wonder how his increased Outness will affect his career. The Sun (not exactly reliable) says he isn't being affected at all but he got Dracula and Hobbit while he was still re-closeted. Since then The Crow has been pushed back a year and he only has one movie lined up. And everything else he's been publicly linked to has fallen thru (The Raid, Red Notice).

Anonymous said...

Read the commets around the internet: a large number of fans ( female most of them) are in 'shock'. Many of them just have no idea that he is gay.

Anonymous said...

It's strange that the tabloids have left Luke alone for so long and now are starting to report on it. Especially the English ones, given the fact that neither Luke or Jon is openly gay. I wonder if Luke's people allowed this story to go through in order to test the waters? They want to see how people will react to him being openly gay. See how the public and the studios think. I guess thats what he wants now that he has a serious relationship.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if he will risk so much. Hde wants fame above anything and if this play get wrong he'll lose a lot.
Adn the blond guy was with him for about 3 years. Wasn't a serious relationship??

Anonymous said...

No the blond guy was a work of fan fiction written by crazy Luke stalkers on datalounge who also come here to post the same make up crap in hopes that people will believe their fan fiction is the truth if they keep repeating the same thing over and over again on various sites. It's really kind of creepy. People shipping Luke and Jon is weird enough. But people shipping Luke with some random person in a photo with him is borderline psychotic. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

It is odd how certain fangirls found some pictures of Luke with his personal trainer and best friend and turned it into this elaborate romance story. Tumblr is a strange place.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard !! A fan fiction ?? Please....

Anonymous said...

Only problem is the blond guy is not his personal trainer, Simon Waterson is. Don't know why it's hard to believe he was a boyfriend. You think there was no one before Jon? He was virgin? Why deny something you know nothing about simply because YOU have no proof that suits your belief?

Fact is unless you know them you don't know. And the entire internet is a strange place especially when it comes to celebrities.

mangrove said...

Oh there they are. I was starting to worry.

Atleast I'm not bullshitting myself said...

Firstly, is Jon Kortajarena a MALE PROSTITUTE? Was his casting in A Single Man Tom Ford's way of winking at the audience? Luke Evans is ugly, Jon Kortajarena is regarded as the most beautiful male model working today? Why would a gay man (which Jon isn't) who is THAT beautiful even talk to Luke Evans let alone fuck him if money wasn't a factor?

But then is Luke Evans even rich? Is Jon just a high class escort who Luke pays to hang on his arm? I'm so fucking confused, I initially thought this was just idle speculation but this shit seems to be a real thing? How? How can it be? Jon Kortajarena looks like one of those heterosexual hustlers with a "fluid sexuality" when it comes to servicing rich old homosexuals like most cash strapped European young men (ie Elton John's sexual escapades with heterosexual Bel Ami porn stars/prostitutes). The kind of straight boy who loves money and doesn't have any sexual hang-ups when it comes to homosexuality (because of (a) years in the fashion industry and (b) growing up in Spain one of the most gay friendly places in Europe).

This "couple" makes no sense because Jon Kortajarena is NOT GAY. Seriously, search for videos of him giving interviews on Youtube and tell me that he looks and acts like ANY gay man you've ever met. I have interacted with 100s of gay men in my life (no, 'interacted' is not a euphemism for 'fucked') and my gaydar has ALWAYS picked up what they were putting out.

For god sake, I knew Matt Bomer was gay the first time I watched White Collar before I even knew anything about him. I told my straight friends and they just looked at me and thought, "ugh gay guys think EVERYONE is gay" and what happened, yeah...he (sort of) came out. With Jon Kortajarena I am picking up NOTHING gay. There isn't even those tell-tale mannerisms or ways of speaking (I'm not talking about lisping!) that we all have that Jon just doesn't have.

Look at all the recent celebs who have come out. Wentworth Miller, that guy from Brothers and Sisters, Zachary Quinto, Tom Daley, Jonathan Groff, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Neil Patrick Harris etc. look at all of these guys and tell me honestly ANY of them could pass as straight, tell me them coming out as gay was honestly a surprise to you. We can identify each other that's just part of our biology and those "markers" DO NOT appear in Jon Kortajarena.

Maybe Luke is planning to come out and he wants to normalize the idea of him being a "gay action star" by making the reason for his coming out someone who looks like Jon, someone who even straight guys would be like, "yeah, I get it" and not having it result in a negative backlash like when Tom Daley revealed his reason for coming out was a disgusting old predator who dresses like a 12 year old boy.

I say this is Luke's PR team working their asses off by hiring a prostitute to help Luke's audience ease into the idea of him being gay and putting forth this image of masculinity instead of having him being photographed with someone fay and obvious like Zachary Quinto for example.

Mark my words, in the next few months he's going to come out, Jon will quietly disappear and the next thing you know Luke will be engaged to someone who's REALLY gay.

Atleast I'm not bullshitting myself said...

You can even see by the way they're standing. If that isn't a business arrangement, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: No one who happens upon this thread will read that essay above.

Anonymous said...

Why do you hate him so much?

I think there are three really important factors about his background that are affecting this situation that you're just not taking into consideration.

1) He's grew up in the South Wales Valleys in the 70s/80s. it was like the Apocalypse economically, like the great depression. It's still one of the poorest areas in Northern Europe and it's people and culture are vastly underrepresented, there was very little hope or opportunity for advancement. His family background is working class and not well off and he didn‘t do well at school, all the success he has had came from taking shitty extra work to pay his way and winning scholarships. Even when he was in theatre he had long bouts of unemployment and had to do other things, he's probably supporting his whole family financially.

You can bet someone from that background is going to have a pragmatic attitude to staying employed and making personal sacrifices to do so. We don't know what kinds of pressure are on him but we can guess.

2) His family are Jehovah’s Witnesses in a quite secular small community and he’s a gay atheist. He hated it growing up and he was very isolated and beaten up and bullied a lot. Even so he has managed to somehow maintain good relationships with his family and doesn’t blame them, but that’s got to have been hard and he’s sure to have internalized some stuff.

3) When he first came out he had just come from that background and moved to London and was having the first flushes of success in one of the most gay friendly work environments you could hope for. He hadn’t gone through unemployment yet, wasn’t famous, the all-remembering internet was in it’s infancy, and he expected to stay in that career indefinitely. He has since said that he was naïve and people have taken it to mean that he thinks being honest is naïve, but I think he really means that he was terribly young and inexperienced and hopeful and idealistic, and didn’t yet know how homophobic the film industry still is.

Yeah, he’s fumbled it a bit, but he’s only human and this is his life, which is always more messy and confusing and frightening on the inside than it looks to those on the outside. He doesn’t actually know how to do this, there isn’t a script, and how much do you want to bet that the advice he’s getting is actually good advice?

Alfonso Bassave said...

The Jon is not gay troll is still around? Watch any of his videos speaking Spanish and tell me that dude isn't gay.

Besides, all of us in Spain know he dated an actor for about 5 years, they were engaged even, who certainly couldn't afford him if he was really an escort.

I don't buy you being a gay man. Or are you one of those self-loathing ones that only likes their man straight and want for Jon to be straight to keep the fantasy alive? Or just a delusional fangirl. I'm leaning to the latter.

He is gay, has been in other relationships with men, and is dating Luke Evans. And if anyone is into the other it's Jon, he's following Luke around like a puppy and tweeting at him while Luke is trying to hide him. Start dealing with it.

Love yourself.

Anonymous said...

Blond Northern Irish guy, Ryan 'H' was with Luke for several years having met during the Dracula filming in Northern Ireland. He was working in events and security management. They met through mutual friends; a well known mens' magazine editor and his boyfriend. They finished in mid 2014 when Luke met the Spanish model, Jon. The Northern Irish boyfriend was pretty devastated by this but has moved on and is now engaged to Andy 'O' who he met in Spring 2015. The whole Holly Ann thing was a total cover as she is also part of the social group (Events, Media, PR circle) and she has even had dinner sat opposite Luke and Ryan whilst they held hands. Luke is currently single.