Monday, September 08, 2014

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--- Meet The Spectre - I suppose you've got to be a fan of the British zombie show In the Flesh to be excited about this news, but, well, you should be a fan of that show, I've been telling you for months to watch it. Anyway Emmett Scanlan, who was on the show's second season and I documented gratuitously right here (you wanna click that link), has signed on to play the DC comics character Jim Corrigan aka The Spectre in NBC's upcoming Constantine show. I wasn't going to watch this show because of the whole de-gaying thing but I dunno if I can resist Emmett. Maybe they're lying to us about Constantine not being bi and we'll find out when he and Emmett start making out all of a sudden. Emmett's played gay tons by now, he wouldn't let us down. Keep hope alive! And related to that there's still no word on a third series for In the Flesh, I think? Really really keep hope alive.
--- Girl Detective - The latest name tossed on the True Detective heap (sidenote: did you see that I rode on an elevator with cary Fukunaga last week? No that's not a euphemism, unfortunately) for the second season is Rachel McAdams; apparently she and Elizabeth Moss are the two up for the female lead. Is it weird that I'm leaning towards McAdams? I feel like Moss already did this sort of thing with Top of the Lake, which she's gonna have trouble topping. Toss Rachel a bone.

--- Freaks Leaks - The first proper trailer for American Horror Story's upcoming fourth season subtitled Freak Show has arrived - it doesn't actually have footage from the show but we do get to see everybody in character, from Kathy Bates and her bushy beard to Angela Bassett's extra boobie to two-headed Sarah Paulson and the grande dame herself Jessica Lange, getting shadowed by a little person. If Evan Peters had shown his ass it'd have everything we'd need in one little minute.

--- Up North - I'm not going to link to a bunch of reviews from the Toronto fest because we'd be here all day (there is a lot showing there I wanna see) but our pal Joe Reid is reporting from up there and he met Greta Gerwig and has been in rooms with Laura Dern and Juliette Binoche in them so he can just go to hell! Bastard person. I've really gotta try to go next year.

--- Mat Dancer - I've been meaning to watch the "Paul Newman plays a boxer" movie Somebody Up There Likes Me for a very long time because, well, I just said "Paul Newman plays a boxer" weren't you paying attention? Anyway the film is by the director Robert Wise and Wise has a centennial coming up which The Film Experience is celebrating, so here's Nat talking about Somebody Up There Likes Me. Pictures of Paul Newman included.

--- Give Me Fever - Well this is a big fucking deal - Todd Haynes has announced his next project (after Carol, the Patricia Highsmith adaptation with Cate Blanchett that we're literally dying for) is going to be a bio-pic of the singer Peggy Lee, and it will star Reese Witherspoon. Oh and it was written by Nora Ephron. I know absolutely zilch about Peggy Lee; did she have an interesting life or something? Anybody?

--- Dredd Second Steel - A pair of unexpected sequels getting mentioned over at DH today that I won't hold my breathe about - first off Karl Urban says there's a chance we could see a prequel to his Dredd movie; there was stuff I liked about the first one (although I wasn't as nutty over it as some people were), including Karl Urban himself, always, so I wish him well even as I remain terribly skeptical. And secondly director Shawn Levy says there could be a Real Steel 2, which I'm only mentioning because Hugh Jackman sure did bounce around wearing sweatpants a lot in that first one didn't he? Sigh.
--- Boston Strong - Matt Damon is re-teaming with Margaret director Kenneth Lonergan to make Manchester-by-the-Sea, which will be about a plumber who returns to his hometown of Boston when his brother dies and finds himself having to take care of his brother's teenage son. Sounds like You Can Count on Me and Margaret kinda mashed up doesn't it?

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joel65913 said...

To answer your question about Peggy Lee, yes she had quite a life. She was abused horribly by her stepmother as a child, she toured extensively during jazz's formative years with Benny Goodman, was a prolific songwriter including the #1 hit Manana, had four husbands and unfortunately at the end of her life entered what has been referred to as the Crazy Lady years. So yeah there's definitely enough for a movie there.

I don't see Reese as her though, maybe Charlize Theron.