Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I Am Link

--- Viggo The Hateful - According to The New York Daily News, Quentin Tarantino was spotted having an enthusiastic (read: cocaine) lunch date with Viggo Mortensen in Tribeca recently, and they were bouncing around with scripts and the words "ruthless gang leader" were heard, so now everybody thinks Viggo's playing a tough guy in The Hateful Eight. Does anybody else feel like this movie was already made? I guess with the script leak and that even-before-filming trailer that got released, I feel weird hearing they're still casting this movie.
--- Some Like It Queer - Over at IndieWire's queer blog Bent they crafted an interesting list of "10 Great Queer Movies Made By Straight Filmmakers" - it's still too early in the morning for me to put my sleuthing cap on but I do feel as if there had to be a better choice out there than Some Like It Hot, which really seems like a stretch to me. That classic line at the end just doesn't put it quite over the edge for me, not when I'm sure, if my brain was working, I could come up with more daring choices.

--- Pine Scented - I haven't gone through all of these to see if there's anything as exciting as Chris Pine shaking his ass in a jockstrap to be had, but here's a round-up of several more clips from Joe Carnahan's upcoming movie Stretch with Pine and Patrick Wilson. This movie looks insane.

--- Dead In Austen - Papa Lannister and his drunken brother-humping daughter are going to lace up their bonnets and slay some undead - Charles Dance and Lena Headey have both just joined the cast of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which after a long long loooong delay has raised from the grave, intent upon our... destruction? Entertainment? We'll see.

--- Space Bottom - I have long noted a personal discomfort with Oscar Isaac after having seen him in several in-person Q&As come across as completely insufferable, so know when I link to this interview with him talking about his work with JJ Abrams on the new Star Wars movie, I only do so so I can also link to these pictures of him riding a bicycle that I posted at MNPP's Tumblr earlier this week, showing off his fat ass. It's the one thing I like about him, he needs to showcase it much more often.

--- Back To The Past - I really enjoyed Stephen King's JFK time-travel book 11/22/63, which is about a dude who figures out how to go back in time and uses his power to try and stop the Kennedy assassination, so the news that it's being turned into a miniseries is good news to me. It's one of King's few extremely-long books that I felt earned its length. The fact that it's being made for Hulu, on the other hand, annoys me - Hulu's always been a bridge too far; I already have too many goddamned subscriptions to viewing services, dammit.

--- And Finally here's the latest trailer for Xavier Dolan's Mommy, which we still have no release date for here in the US, because somebody wants to make me go crazy, that's what that's all about, sorry everybody else, this is a plot against me. God it looks gorgeous.

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