Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Am Link

--- Are You Being Served - James D'Arcy (he made out with Ben Whishaw in Cloud Atlas and made a fine if brief impression as Anthony Perkins in one of those Hitchcock movies, I can't recall which) has joined the cast of Agent Carter; he's going to play Howard Stark's butler Jarvis, which is who Tony Stark names his computer (voiced by Paul Bettany in the Iron Man movies) after. Anyway this is the closest I've come to seeing confirmation of Howard Stark, meaning Dominic Cooper, being on the show. Have I just missed an official confirmation? Maybe Peggy goes to Stark's house a bunch and Jarvis is always like, "Whoops ya just missed him! Here, eat a crumpet." 

--- Homes Away - I was really looking forward to seeing Ramin Bahrani's 99 Homes soon (it played to lots of raves in Venice and Toronto) - it stars Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon, we've talked about it before - but it just got purchased and the studio's holding it off for Spring, to hopefully put it into play for next year's Oscar season. Boo!

--- Invite Him In - 80s throwback thriller The Guest starring Sexy Cousin Matthew is out this weekend and I liked it (here's my review from a couple of weeks ago) and so did Michael at TFE, go read his terrific review here. His rave did what raves should do -made me want to see it again right away.

--- Wild Things - I keep forgetting to link to this, Joe Reid's list of the 15 best performances he saw up at the Toronto Film Festival, so there's that. Lots of love for The Imitation Game! I need to ask him if the movies he mentions he was seeing after writing up the list (Wild and Nightcrawler) might've displaced anything that made the list though. I know he loved Wild, it placed high on his other Toronto list, of his favorite movies that played there.

--- Doctor Hunk - I feel like it's kind of weird that Tom Hiddleston is all set to play Hank Williams in a bio-pic and now his brother Thor Chris Hemsworth has announced he's producing and starring in a movie - a different movie - about the doctor that was involved in Hank Williams' death. That's weird right? And not just because who the hell will buy Chris Hemsworth as a doctor?

--- Saturday Night Twins - I'm seeing Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig's The Skeleton Twins tonight and I'm glad I read this piece on Hader's performance by Rich at Gawker beforehand, to prep myself for imminent stereotype-baiting. I am nervous it's going to push the wrong buttons for me, but we'll see. I do love Hader and Wiig.

--- Rubber Vamp - Pretty boy Theo James is reprising his small role in the last Underworld movie by becoming the lead in the next one, bouncing bouncy Kate Beckinsale on her butt out the door. As long as we get lots of shots of Theo's own bouncy behind strapped in a latex cat-suit and crawling ass-up to the camera like Kate did time and again for this series, I'm good.

--- Mystic Breeze - Even though they still haven't announced whether it's Joaquin Phoenix or somebody else taking the role or what, Marvel says that Doctor Strange will be out in July 2016. Sinister director Scott Derrickson is directing, and it 's supposed to start shooting in a couple of months. Maybe Joaquin will say something when he's doing Inherent Vice press at the New York Film Festival. 

--- Wet And Wild - Ben Foster and Chris Pine are starring in a movie called The Finest Hours, which is an adaptation of a book about the Coast Guard trying to rescue some folks after a blizzard destroys some oil tankers in the early 1950s. Lars and the Real Girl director Craig Gillespie is directing. My only question is, how were the Coast Guard uniforms in the 50s? Were they snug? I hope they were snug.

--- Got Game - Apparently David Fincher talks about the fact that he never should have directed The Game in this wide-ranging interview with Playboy, which is crazy talk, I love The Game. I guess I should go actually read the interview though and see what his argument is. Maybe he just wishes he'd never let Sean Penn into his life; that I could understand.

--- Dirty Pictures - The unrated (read: lots of boners going in lots of holes, and/or Shia LaBeouf) version of Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac is getting dropped on VOD on October 2nd, so nobody worry, you're not going to have to haul your blue balls around your local multiplex with shame. You can keep them at home, where they belong. Did you watch the unrated teaser trailer for it? It is very very very very NSFW, people. Very. I warned you.



Anonymous said...

I know you warned, but it wasn't enough.

I played it on work..

Joey said...

I mean, it's called Nymphomaniac...and it's the Director's Cut...

Uncle Jesse said...

The Skeleton Twins? A Mary-Kate and Ashley bio-pic, I'm assuming. ;)

Homeslaughter said...

Hemsworth could borrow Tara Reid's scientist glasses