Monday, September 15, 2014

I Am Link

--- New Attraction - I'm not surprised that James Vanderbeek would want to reunite with the folks that gave him his most interesting part to date (not that there's much fighting for that title, mind you) - he's re-teaming with Rules of Attraction writer Bret Easton Ellis and director Roger Avary for Post Empire, a six-episode series for UK television about "a Bernie Madoff type."Now that the Beek has aged up into something more than he was in his youth, I'm looking.

--- Double Oh Digits - Filming for the next James Bond movie is slated to begin in December, so I hope they plan on finding some warm locations to shoot in outside of the UK because Daniel Craig needs to have good swimsuit weather. Since that's all he's wearing in this one. Since that's what I said.

--- Suited Up - Perhaps one or two of you recall that Dany's most recent hot slice of man-ass (played by MNPP-fave Michiel Huisman) on Game of Thrones was originally played by another actor - his name was Ed Skrein and he quit the show so he could star in the new Transporter movie. Skrein's not too shabby looking himself (although I'm Team Huisman all the way). Well now we have a picture of Skrein in the new part and he is looking pretty fine, I must say. Not necessarily Statham-fine, but let's not ask for the impossible.

--- Second Peaky - Did any of you watch the first season of Peaky Blinders? I did not but I did just watch the trailer for the second season because Tom Hardy's Beard, and knowing absolutely nothing about what's going on I actually thought it looked interesting. But anything giving love to Helen McCrory (see also: Penny Dreadful) is going to win me pretty easily.

--- Batter Up - I wasn't much of a fan to start with but the further I get away from Richard Linklater's Boyhood the more problematic I find it; that said if his next project is a movie about baseball starring Tyler Hoechlin, as is rumored, I certainly am going to be there with bells and whistles on, for sure. Hoechlin's just one of three names being tossed about for the lead, but clearly it should be him. Clearly. (thanks Mac)

--- You Say Strip - We all know Channing Tatum is the ultimate salesman (selling that ass, selling that ass) but on this score he needs to keep his promises, or else - in this interview about the Magic Mike sequel he says that the movie will make "cinema history." He doesn't say what that means but clearly we're all thinking dick, clearly, and he knows we are, so bring it, Channing. Or else. (And no I'm not sure what about plain ol' dick would make it historic, but I'm so so willing to find out.)

--- And Speaking of Magic Mike, the black version called Chocolate City that we told you is happening has replaced its lead - Romeo Miller is out and some dude named Robert Ri’chard is in. That's him rubbing himself up on Tyson Beckford there in that picture, because we all needed a visual to go along with this story, of course. And here's another picture of Ri’chard and his abs.

--- Psycho's Mistress - In today's edition of "I haven't read this yet, I am saving it for lunch, but hey here's a link" -- hey here's a link to an interview with American Psycho director Mary Harron. I think it's about the lack of female directors or how hard female directors have it, et cetera, which is totally a worthy subject but god she must be tired of having to talk about it.

--- Get Young - Obviously I haven't seen Noah Baumbach's new movie While We're Young yet, I wasn't one of the blessed up in Toronto where it screened (he says with great bitterness), but this article slash sorta review at IndieWire on the movie (it's a little spoilery) still read pretty interesting to me, at least in elucidating themes the movie's dealing with - it made me want to see the movie more than anything else has, basically. (Not that I ever stopped wanting to. The man just made Frances Ha, for god's sake.)

--- Sir Salo - I'll be seeing Abel Ferrara's biopic about director Pier Paolo Pasolini at the New York Film Fest next week and I'm looking forward to it terribly because I love Willem Dafoe and I love Pasolini - it's like chocolate and peanut butter coming together! Anyway this interview with Ferrara and Dafoe about the movie is great, especially how fired up Abel is on the gay stuff.

--- Claw Away - Entertainment Weekly has a big gallery of pictures from the upcoming season of American Horror Story with shots of pretty much everybody rocking their Freakshow looks, but can I just say that Evan Peters with his darker honey hair, wife-beaters, old-timey trousers, and lobster hands is like way way way up there on the Sexy Fantasy Hierarchy now? It scooted way way up almost immediately. Molest me with your lobster hands, Evan Peters!

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