Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Good Morning, World

For all of my years upon years of bleating every chance I can get about Thomas Jane you'd think I'd have actually sat down and watched The Punisher before this right? Wrong! I only saw the 2004 flick last week for the very first time all the way through. Which means last week was the first time that I saw Thomas Jane stripped to his underwear by a bunch of FBI agents.

You should definitely note that they're all men, too. This movie has a time and a half being queer about everything, and I'm not just talking about John Travolta being the bad guy. (Seriously though that scene where Travolta leers at his half-naked son? WTF.) 

I only capped this scene from early in the film but if I'd kept going I could have given you thousands of pictures of the movie fetishizing Thomas Jane's body - so many guns and swords framed against a wall of abs. It's ridiculous, by which I mean, incredible. Thank you, The Punisher, for being you. And everybody hit the jump for some more caps from this scene...

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