Friday, September 05, 2014

Good Morning, World

Yesterday I mentioned in that Burt Reynolds post that I have, and I quote, "a serious impulse problem." Something that went into that statement that went unmentioned at that moment was that while I was looking up dozens of Burt pictures I somehow also fell down a well of Gregory Harrison snaps as well.

I don't know how I made it from one to the other, but all that me business aside how fantastic and funny are these shots of Gregory taking a shower with none other than Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund staring him down?

They're from some 1983 TV movie called The Fighter, and I nearly all the pictures from it over at Kenneth's site, where he was kind enough to cap the movie a couple of years ago. Thanks, Kenneth! But there's more...

... that I gathered up after the jump because... well, I am incapable of ever stopping. (Speaking of here's another post I did on Harrison back in 2012) Hit it for more...

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Petey said...

omg, i had the biggest crush on him during his Trapper John MD days. have you seen how he looks now? he's still hot!