Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Good Morning, World

A happy 40th birthday to the actor Daniel Wu, recently seen in junk movies like Europa Report and The Man With the Iron Fists. I don't know what this clip is from, whatever kind soul uploaded it to YouTube didn't say, but we're grateful all the same. We've posted pictures of Daniel before, here and here. He's a looker.

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Aloysius said...

I believe that clip is from the 2001 Hong Kong film 'Peony Pavilion' directed by Yang Fan (Yonfon) in which Daniel Wu tempts away one of the lead actresses from her affair with another woman.

It wasn't the first time Yang admired Daniel Wu's physique on screen. His 1998 film Bishonen (Mei Shao Nian Zhi Lian) featured Daniel as a policeman who was paid by an admirer to take explicit photos for his own enjoyment. The film launched Daniel Wu as a gay icon and a film star in Hong Kong. Yang has also launched the careers of other major HK films stars such as Maggie Cheung.

Daniel Wu has now gone quite mainstream in terms of his film roles but his gay admirers can continue to feast our eyes on his good looks in most department stores in China - he's currently the face of L'Oreal for Men