Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Golden Gods

Even after some photo-shopping on my part the quality's not great (I think it's a pap-snap from the set) but that's the first picture I've seen of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Alex Proyas' upcoming ancient deity epic Gods of Egypt (via) - do you think anybody behind-the-scenes of this movie has heard the rightful bitching at Ridley Scott & Co. over the white-washing of the Moses story with Exodus: Gods and Kings? I suppose the fact that Gods of Egypt is filled with mythical not historical characters could give them a little bit more of a buffer than Scott's film has, but with a cast like Nicky, Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush and Rufus Sewell (they have got Chadwick Boseman in there, at least) they might be asking for it.

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Liz Taylor's ghost said...

Uh god, they're making a movie about that silly Hebrew myth about babies in baskets and rivers of blood and the most ridiculous thing about all of this is the fact that the humans playing these characters are a shade lighter than the ones originally appearing in the fantasy tale? Really?

Also, may I just point out that before the Ottoman empire invaded Egypt in the 17th century the complexion of native Egyptians was closer to that of tanned white people than it was to the brown it is today...because of reasons.