Thursday, September 18, 2014

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Antonio: You are very pretty, Elsa. Are you also good? 
Elsa: When I do not like a man, yes. 
Queen Christina: That's a true virtue. 
Antonio: The basis of all morality in a sentence. 

 Greta Garbo was born 109 years ago today.

What's your favorite Garbo?


Benji said...

All of them? I think her silents are underappreciated. The Single Standard has some awesome deco designs.

sissyinhwd said...

I think she always comes across as some half-asleep horse. I've tried,own the DVD Box Set,but just don't get it. She's just not compelling to me

joel65913 said...

My favorite is Camille. I think it takes all that worked for her on screen and put it to use in an excellent film. Plus Robert Taylor is just so pretty in it!! And Henry Daniell a perfect jackass as her "patron"

Flesh and the Devil is the best of her silents that I've seen but TCM is showing a bunch I haven't caught yet today in honor of her birthday so I'll have some catching up to do.