Friday, September 12, 2014

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

"The X-Files" (1995)

Scully: Mulder, toads just fell from the sky!
Mulder: I guess their parachutes didn't open.

Just yesterday I told y'all I was in the middle of watching the first few seasons of The X-Files for the first time, and today I find out that this week marks the 21st anniversary of the show's premiere! (It premiered on September 10th, 1993.) 

The episode quoted above is titled "Die Hand die verletzt" (which translates from to "The Hand That Wounds") and it's the 14th episode of the 2nd season and it's the last one I watched and, to continue a sentence running on well passed sanity, it was terrific! One of my favorites so far. Just the right amount of silly and scary and recognizable character actress Susan Blommaert was great fun as the substitute teacher literally from Hell.

Out of boredom awhile ago I almost looked up some online rankings of "Best Episodes" to see where the consensus stood on some of these early seasons (I think I'd watched an especially terrible episode and was worried I'd have to wade through more), but I had to stop myself when I realized that doing so was inviting all the world's spoilers in, alas. What I'm saying is: if you want to tell me what your favorite episodes of The X-Files are in the comments please do, but do so with some discretion. Thanks!


Joelene said...

A gang of us are actually doing an episode elimination game (which I'm running) over at the forums! Each day we vote away three-two episodes until we have a winner and a full season rank. Die hand die Verletzt actually came in 2nd place for season 2 (One Breath won the season) and was my choice for winner.
After those two, place 3-5 went to Anasazi (the season finale), Irresisitble and End Game, I believe.

The top 5 for season 1 was, in order, Ice, Squeeze, Beyond the Sea, Darkness Falls, Eve.

Other favourites are Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, Pusher, Syzygy, Wetwired, Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space', Bad Blood, Small Potatoes, Leonard Betts, Memento Mori, Unruhe, Home, Detour, Folie a Deux, Field Trip, X-COPS.

AND we started a rewatch project with Pilot this Wednesday to commemorate the anniversary, which we plan to continue. It won't be spoiler free though.

You could always scroll the elimination game thread at the X-Files forum for our season rankings. I can't guarantee it totally spoiler free but I'd say it's pretty safe (or just skim to the post at the end of each season to see our ranking). But I'm bla-bla-ing.

Love the X-Files posts!

Friend Mouse said...


Petey said...

Millennium was scary as hell for me; it was something of a crossover episode that showed the final fate of the lead character from Millennium. It ended on a happy note though.

Unknown said...

Some random favorites:

Most Horrorific: "Home" (S04E03)
Fave Mythology Episode: "Paper Clip" (S03E03)
Fave Lone Gunmen Episode: "Unusual Suspects" {S05E01)
Fave CSM Episode: "One Breath" (S02E08)
Best Movie Homage (tie): "Ice" (S01E08) and "Humbug" (S02E20)
Creepiest Monster-of-the-Week: Eugene Tooms, played by Doug Hutchison - "Squeeze" (S01E02) and "Tooms" (S01E20)
Creepiest Guest Star (tie): Brad Dourif, "Beyond the Sea" (S01E13), and Tom Noonan, "Paper Hearts" (S04E08)
Funniest (tie): "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'" (S03E20) and "Small Potatoes" (S04E20)
Favorite before-they-were-famous appearances: Ryan Reynolds, "Syzygy" (S03E13); Giovanni Ribisi & Jack Black, "D.P.0" (S03E03)
Most Effectively Sympathetic Guest Star (tie): Steve Railsback, "Duane Barry" & Ascension (S02E05 & 06), Lili Taylor, "Mind's Eye" (S05E16)

and finally,

Eye Candy: Mitch Pileggi in his underwear, "Zero Sum" (S04E21)

Scott said...

I loved this episode and it's one reason seeing Susan Blommaert (who I most recently noticed in The Double) always brings a smile to my face.

Shags said...

Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose and Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space' for sure.

Film Excess Movie Review Blog said...

2.4. 'Home' is one of the creepiest modern episodes of any show.
5.5. 'The Post-Modern Prometheus' is a personal favorite, a Frankenstein-like spoof plot in B/W with a Cher-loving monster. It shows perfectly how really free and crazy the show sometimes was. Wonderful episode.