Monday, August 04, 2014

Pics of the Day

I knew that Lee Pace and Matthew Bomer went to high school together in Texas but I'd never seen this photographic evidence! Look at the baby gays. Just imagine, two of the most famous homosexuals (give Lee time, y'all) in all the land birthed from the same fertile red-state sand. It's enough to give Rick Perry... well I was gonna say something negative, but it's probably a boner that Rick Perry gets thinking about gay stuff, knowing the way those who holler the loudest usually roll. Anyway I don't want to be impolitic and come out as ask if y'all think these two might've, ya know, found their footing with each other back in the day or whatever, but come on, it's what we all want to think. Here's a more recent pic of the duo being adorable below; they need to do a gay rom-com.


Anonymous said...

Technically, they weren't birthed from the same sand, since Lee was born in Oklahoma and didn't move to Texas until 7th grade, but I wouldn't have minded being a fly on the wall as they "found their footing with each other." My, my, my.

Doris Day's Vibrator said...

Lee Pace is starring in the number 1 movie at the American box office right now and at the end of the year he'll star in another one of 2014's top earners (the Hobbit sequel). If he had come out of the closet he wouldn't be. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

"If he had come out of the closet"? Absolutely everyone knows Lee Pace is gay. What closet is he hiding in exactly?

And, yeah, being honest about his sexual orientation is what's kept Sir Ian McKellen a failed unknown never-was all these years -- except for the fact that he works constantly, including in two hit franchises, one of which is the Hobbit sequel that wouldn't have hired Lee Pace if he wasn't "in the closet".

Welcome to 2014.

Dicky Bortness said...

'Gets' me to wonder how well they knew each other way back when?? Not a question but a statement [do not wish open this to non-confirmed speculation by others not knowing the facts].