Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Good Evening, America

I don't know why there was a period where Chloe Sevigny got on my nerves half of the time, but that's no longer the case - I think right around the time she had her limbs cut off and crawled onto a child's gymnasium in American Horror Story I realized I should've been liking her all along. Playing Jean in American Psycho should have been more than enough all this time, anyway. I was a fool, Chloe! Anyway there's a really fun chat with her over at The Daily Beast today which talks a bunch about Whit Stillman and Kids and how New York's changed as a city and so on; the whole thing's worth reading but I liked this bit where she was asked if she's spoken to club-kid-killer Michael Alig since he got out of jail recently:

No. No. No. I feel like there was this weird thing when he did get out where everyone was posting about it. I knew him, but he never graced me with any acknowledgment. There was a big hierarchy in the club scene. He would never deign me with any sort of acknowledgment, because I was too low on the totem pole. But I was close with people that were close with him, and I always thought he was an asshole. And poor Angel, God rest his soul, he was an asshole, too. He would never sell me drugs because the pretty gay boys liked me. I would have to have my pretty gay boys go and get my drugs from Angel if I needed some sort of downer, because he wouldn’t even sell to me. 

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