Monday, August 25, 2014

Bulge Me Once Bulge On Me

Bulge me twice, 
bulge on all of us. 

Okay clearly the folks over at The Leftovers are trolling the hell out of us here with last night's re-visitation of Justin Theroux's dancing dick-colletage. (Please tell me I just made that word up.) But we're going to let this one go cuz it's the World's Greatest Trolling. 

We need to send them one of those World's Greatest Dad mugs just with "Dad" scratched out and "Troll" written in permanent marker in its place. Hit the jump for some more caps...


AG said...

Sorry JA but where is the bulge? :)

Sweatpants are so not sexy imo.

Jealous of Maniston said...

Mmm, that dick looks like it's ready for action. Quite a mouthful too. I hope he shows his ass in the last episode. All that jogging surely necessitates a long, steamy shower (not to steamy though, don't need my view obscured). ;)

Spicoli'sTwin said...

Sooooo, yea...I've had a crush on him for a minute. I see something else, I'd love to "crush", too. Yummy. And I don't mind if it smells like sweat..sausage for dinner, balls for dessert.

Spicoli'sTwin said...

Sausage for dinner...his nuts for dessert. Yummy.