Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Trapper Keepers Triumphant Techie Return!

Oh my god I am having a serious pubescent flashback from this stroke of genius - if you're a kid of the 80s then you probably shoved all your school shit into a Trapper Keeper. (Were they around in the 90s too? I was too old by then, I'd moved on to storing my papers in a Seinfeld puffy shirt knapsack or something. Actually just this second as I type this I'm remembering doing an art-project in high school that involved deconstructing a Trapper Keeper, which was then stuffed with bad poetry about my childhood - good grief what a lame-ass I was. That thing's no doubt buried in a box at my mother's, I have to immediately go burn all of that immediately.)

Anyway Trapper Keepers! When used for good and not for ill, they were the bomb! And now some braniac has pushed their pointer finger directly onto all of our nostalgia sweet-spots by reinvigorating the things as cases for your fancy it's-totally-the-future-now computer tablets. I do wish they had ones that looked like the backgrounds of all my middle school pictures though, with pink and purple lasers shooting everywhere on a black back-drop, since that's the Trapper Keeper I most remember having. Anyway they have them on Amazon - here's a red one and here's a blue one and here's one speckled like a Composition book. These things are, dare I say, totally tubular. (Ask your parents what that means, kids.)

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