Friday, July 18, 2014

I Am Link

--- Va Va Va Vamp - I can get all the True Blood nudity without having to suffer through actually watching the show, so the one thing I genuinely miss from having given up on it is the performance and character I actually still cared about - Jessica, played by the lovely Deborah Ann Woll. So color me happy when I read last night that she's just taken on the role of Charlie Cox's love interest in the Daredevil show that Netflix is making with Marvel. That's a duo I can fall in love with

--- Get Buggered - Speaking of Marvel their head-honcho is still trying to stop the Edgar Wright wound from bleeding out - in an interview with The Guardian he says that the Marvel is a "collaborative" place and that Wright maybe wasn't used to working in such a "collaborative" environment... basically he's saying that Edgar wanted to make his own Ant-Man movie and they were all, nyah nyah nope. I can see it from both sides, they have a  multi-billion dollar apparatus to hold up and all, but... I mean we all root for David, not Goliath.

--- And Continuing to speak of Marvel, they denied Dominic Cooper is signed on to reprise Howard Stark as of a few weeks ago, responding to a claim that Hayley Atwell had made, and a leaked casting notice for Agent Carter (the upcoming ABC show based on the character from Captain America) doesn't make any mention of him - in fact there are characters that sound as if they could be stand-in's for him (bosses, debonair dudes, et cetera). I hope they're just ironing (ha, get it) things out with him - I want him on a weekly damned basis! What, you're gonna make more Need For Speeds, Dom?

--- Space Fargo - Darren Aronofsky is just one big-name director angling for a script called Moonfall, from some hot up-n-comer screenwriter; the story's described as "Fargo on the Moon." Well that sounds like something I haven't seen before. Now I'm picturing preggo Margie floating around in a spacesuit talking about how she's gonna barf...

--- Dolly Dearest - I know I've said time and time again that supposedly Scary Dolls don't really ever scare me, but I like the trailer for the Conjuring spin-off Annabelle all the same, gosh darn it. Probably because the parts that actually made me jump had nothing to do with the doll, but rather that creepy-ass killer couple.

--- Worldwide Webbed - Some information has leaked out about elements of the comics that got stripped out of an already over-stuffed The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - stuff like J Jonah Jameson and the Mary Jane stuff we already knew was cut (Shaileene Woodley holla). Basically all they really needed to add was Andrew Garfield's suggestion that Spidey be a boy-bumping homosexual, if you ask me.... but you didn't ask me, because you already knew that's what I'd say.
--- All Thumbs - Even though I was supposed to be getting ready for work this morning I kind of couldn't stop reading this history of Siskel & Ebert and all its iterations from the vantage point of Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, the dude who co-hosted its last stand. I think Ignatiy is too hard on himself, I really liked him on the show (his co-host, that's another matter), but I love the bit about how neither of them could introduce that kid-critic with a straight face.

--- And Finally the trailer for Xavier Dolan's next movie Mommy (that is, his next next movie, after Tom at the Farm, which still hasn't been released here in the US but which I loooooved when I saw it) dropped yesterday, watch it, it's glorious:



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Simon Pegg's Hungry Hole said...

Edgar Wright only made one REALLY GOOD movie and that was Shaun of the Dead and it was only good because no one had ever done a proper zombie comedy and he had 50 years worth of zombie movie tropes to spoof/mock. The rest of his "Cornetto Trilogy" was generic uninspired retreads and the only imagination and creativity he displayed in Scott Pilgrim was because he replicated the 2D cartoon imagination and creativity found in the Scott Pilgrim books which came from the mind of Bryan Lee O'Malley NOT Wright's. I wish people would just deflate their boners and realize that Edgar Wright isn't the "auteur" they wish he was.