Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Am Link

--- After Gay - The rest of the cast is filling in for that "ex-gay pastor" movie starring James Franco that Gus Van Sant's producing (but not directing; I thought I remembered hearing he was directing?) - Zachary Quinto & Chris Zylka will be playing ex-boyfriends of Franco's (why do I think that James had a hand in casting the boys he'll be making out with? Well I'd cast Zylka too) while Emma Roberts will play his current girlfriend.

--- Spell Chaser - Watching the premiere of the second season of my New Favorite Show Utopia last night I tweeted that Rose "You know nothing, Jon Snow" Leslie is in everything these days but if I'd know how right I was going to be I'd have held my tongue - she's just signed on to co-star opposite Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter, which will be about a (you guessed it) witch hunter being forced to team up with (you guessed it) a witch. It's from the director of the remake of The Crazies though, which is much better than it should've been, so we'll see. That story description does not inspire confidence though.

--- And Speaking of Miss Rose, here are some new pictures from the horror film Honeymoon which stars her and Penny Dreadful's Harry Treadaway (you can see a large gratuitous post for him here). This played at Tribeca earlier this year and I really wanted to see it but didn't get the chance; I heard very good things about it though. It's out in September.

--- Go Three - Some of you will probably yell at me for this but I never saw Girlfight; I've just always found Michelle Rodriguez too annoying to deal with. But I saw and loved (yes loved; suck it haters) director Karen Kusama's second movie, the horror-comedy Jennifer's Body. Kusama just finished her next movie and what's grabbing my eye this time is the cast, which is led by two very hot pieces - Prometheus' Logan Marshall Green, and Khaleesi's ass-master on Game of Thrones Michiel Huisman.

--- Sexy Devil - I liked Joe Hill's book Horns pretty well but the movie's definitely got me in its corner judging by the erotic reaction I had to the sight in the just released teaser trailer of Daniel Radcliffe sporting the titular head-ware with a snake coiling around himself. Drag me to hell, Danny-boy, indeed.

--- Desert Lady - The Playlist has rounded up some newsy tidbits from Werner Herzog's Queen of the Desert, his bio-pic of Gertrude Bell (I keep calling her the female Laurence of Arabia for brevity's sake) starring Nicole Kidman and James Franco and Robert Pattinson. There's the first picture from the movie (seen below - camels check, sand check) and a quote from Werner saying how good Nicole is in the movie... I am so excited to see a Herzog movie centered on a real honest-to-goodness woman, you guys.
--- Bone First - All the headlines are touting the news that Kurt Russell is saying that Quentin Tarantino's next flick The Hateful Eight will be filming at the start of 2015, and that's great and all, but I might actually be more excited to hear the sub-news that Russell's other movie, called Bone Tomahawk, is supposed to shoot this Fall before TH8 gets going. Tomahawk is supposed to star Kurt and Timothy Olyphant, Peter Sarsgaard and Richard Jenkins as cowboys battling cannibals. I wanna see that.

--- Hardy For All - A couple tidbits of the Tom Hardy sort - his re-team with Inception star Leo DiCaprio called The Revenant is apparently going to call for a very long shoot next year, eighty days, but will be out by December. That seems optimistic to me, but we'll see. Second bit - Tom's film Child 44, which co-stars the triumvirate of sexy Jason Clarke, Joel Kinnaman, and Vincent Cassel, finally has a release date - it'll be out in April.

--- Monk Fight - Reading the news that Martin Scorsese's monk movie Silence is going to be out November of next year just made me remember that its star Liam Neeson has been narrating my dreams all week. There is a reason for this - I've been reading the book A Monster Calls before bed every night, and that book's being turned into a movie in which Neeson has been cast as the voice of the monster. Good story, right? Right. Anyway it's good to hear that Andrew Garfield is going to have something to do some time soon, even if it won't involve the Spider-bum. Maybe he can wear his spandex under his monk's robes?


Anonymous said...

You're waiting until after tonight's episode to discuss Utopia s2, aren't you?

Would it be in bad form to say just how into Tom Burke-as-Stanley-Kubrick-playing-John-Hurt in Altered States I was? Because I was in love with that amoral sonofabitch last night.

Anonymous said...

(bugger, I meant WILLIAM Hurt)

Jason Adams said...

Actually I'm probably not going to post too much about Utopia in specifics (def. not recapping) because it doesn't air here in the US and it's the sort of show I would HATEHATEHATE myself for spoiling for anybody.

That said I co-sign what you said, it was WONDERFULLY good, I am SO FUCKING HAPPY it's back on, and I didn't realize til it was over last night that a second episode was airing tonight, SO FAST, it's the perfect birthday present. I'm so excited.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat as you...

Only with probably fewer living humans to discuss it with, this being GA. You can only imagine my general isolation when trying to share the joy that was The Shadow Line with others.

Snuck a peek at ep. 2 while here at work. Such glorious color!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and apres Jon Snow:

I tried watching SH2 last night. It didn't work out. In part because Jon looked entirely too old for school.

Jay said...

it could just be the teaser, but it already sounds like Daniel might have some trouble with the accent. But I'll definitely give him a chance

Kate said...

And you wouldn't cast Zachary Quinto...because he's actually gay. Oh you silly homosexuals, fawning over things you'll never have.

Anonymous said...

He's done lots of posts on gay actors. What's your problem?