Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I Am Link

--- Psych Out - While spoilery this chat with Caroline Dhavernas on her character's fate on Hannibal isn't the right kind of spoilery - I wanna know what's her fate fate, dammit! She can't be... you know! Christ this is impossible to talk about without spoilers, I give up. She also talks about having to lay in the rain for hours, which sounds awful. Shame on you all for tormenting my beloved Caroline! (thanks Mac)

--- Robot Go Boom - I don't know why anybody's bothering to ask the folks that made the Transformers movies their opinions on anything, much less film criticism - they should be asked maybe how to write a sentence from start to finish first, see if we can get them over that hurdle, then we'll move on to global politics or something.

--- Young Hunks - Liam Hemsworth is facing off against his Hunger Games co-star Woody Harrelson in an upcoming Western called By Way of Helena. (Anybody else think the name "Helena" should be retired from movie titles thanks to Boxing Helena? just me? Okay then.) Liam's playing a Texas Ranger who heads to a small-town enjoying a murder-spree, while Woody's the local religious whack-job.

--- The Dreyfus Affair - Roman Polanski is maybe going to make his next movie - a bio-pic of Alfred Dreyfus, a French officer falsely accused of espionage in the 19th Century - in Poland, as long as he can get them to guarantee, like sign pieces of paper three times and underline it, that the country won't ship him off to America to face his past. This would be his biggest movie in awhile, costing forty million bucks or thereabouts, and they say it will involve big-name actors. Be interesting to see who'll sign up at this point.

--- Bug Crush - That creepy guy in Prisoners that managed to out-creep Paul Dano (no small feat) has just joined Ant-Man - the actor's name is David Dastmalchian and Marvel's not telling anybody what role he's playing. I think it might perhaps be... creepy? Just a hunch.

--- Bigger And Better - I've only read pieces of it so far but this list of the top fifty blockbusters of all-time at The Dissolve is, as usual with those guys at that site, a really wonderful thing to spend a lot of your time reading. They do great work at that site, I really should link to them more often. (As if they need my help.)

--- Trek Or Treat - I actually think that casting Kellan Lutz as a young William Shatner is kinda fantastic - they've totally got similar stuff going on. I can see it. The movie is from the guy who made the Ethan Hawke version of Hamlet, and stars Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder as those scientists who did the famous electric shock experiments in the 60s. William Shatner played the male scientist in a TV movie in the 70s, which is where he comes in. Meta.

--- Investigator Gadget - Sherlock is back! That is, it's coming back, eventually - they are going to shoot a one-off special in January, and then they'll shoot another three-episode season later next year. It's always a big deal that they can get busy busy bees Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's schedules to line up at all.

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