Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Dolls For Dolls

I was reading through the official announcement that the spin-off of The Conjuring about the possessed doll Annabelle - the movie is called, crazily enough, Annabelle - is getting released on October 3rd and I realized that Alfre Woodard aside (sidenote: I saw Alfre Woodard here in NYC a few weeks ago and here's what I tweeted about her) I didn't recognize any of the rest of the announced cast. So I looked them up and sure enough the dude is a hot one. His name's Wade Horton and it looks like his biggest role to date was playing "Rothschild Broker #4" in The Wolf of Wall Street so that tells you something about his look, I'd wager.

The female lead is one Annabelle Wallis (yes a woman named Annabelle is starring in a movie called Annabelle -- alert the headline writers at Marie Claire!) and she's also a striking WASPy beauty (albeit English) whose previous credits include things like "Co-Ed" in X-Men First Class. So I guess they've got a specific J. Crew look that they want for this thing... again, Alfre Woodard aside.

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