Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Do Dump or Marry: Three White Brits

Give me a picture of three handsome chaps and I'll give you a "Do Dump or Marry" post with which to set your judgement upon them in stone. Not sure where or when the actor Douglas Booth, the model David Gandy and the Noted Homosexual Luke Evans had the opportunity to hang out, I'm guessing it was for a fashion event of some sort (Boy George was probably involved, the sneaky bugger) but there they are and here we are in response.

There they be. Do Dump or Marry, go.

But first! Before y'all tell me who you're doing dumping and marrying in the comments this seems as good a place as any to share a choice quote from Luke in a new interview over here (thanks Mac) about that hot Dracula mess he's starring in; specifically where they ask him about the whole keeping in great shape thing:

"My trainer is with me all day, we train before I come to work and then I just keep training all day. It is quite a lot of sort of semi-naked stuff in the film. It’s not just about looking good out of your clothes. It was about, again, honoring the character I was playing. He was a warrior... [blah blah blah he-pretends-this-movie-is-about-acting-for-a-couple-of-minutes blah] It’s hard going, but it’s one of those jobs where I’m living the dream. This is an amazing job. I’m lucky to be doing this, so you just got to enjoy it. Somebody’s paying me to keep fit for god’s sake." 

In summation here's are two pics of David Gandy 
totally meant to skew all of your votes.


The Bloody Munchkin said...

Consider my vote skewed. I was gonna marry Booth, Do Gandy and Dump Evans. But now I might have to move booth to Do status and marry Gandy for eternity for that hot ass alone. JAMNPP, rigging meaningless polls several hot pictures at a time. I see how you are.

Mark Johnson said...

Do Gandy (that body!), dump Booth (too young) and marry Evans (he is actually gay, after all).

Jaaaaaaaaaaaames said...

Marry Gandy (I mean good Lord, dat ass), Do Evans (also has a great ass) and Dump Booth. He's very pretty, but I'm into older/masculine.

On second thought, can Gandy be my main and then Evans my longtime side?

das buut said...

Do Booth because he's kinda cute in the boy next door way, Dump Gandy cause that Dirty Sanchez is a deal breaker, Marry Evans because them closeted kinds are the dirtiest freaks. Evans is the kinda good boy gone wrong that you can change.

Jacques Dillinger said...

Do Booth
Dump Gandy
Marry Evans

Mondz said...

Do and marry and do Gandy for eternity. Dump the kid and annoying-faced Luke Evans.

Anonymous said...

I would do and marry David Gandy. And I would dump the Noted Homosexual because I don't find him particularly attractive, and I hate people who go back into the closet because they're a "celebrity."