Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Is It About Robert Pattinson...

... that makes us want to strip him naked and point a gun at him?
(Not necessarily in that order.)

(This question has been brought to you by Pic #1 from The Rover
 reminding me of Pic #2 from Cosmopolis.)

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Anonymous said...

I've asked that same question many times...."what is it about Robert Pattinson.......that makes everyone go full tilt crazy! I really would like to know, because to me, he's a cliche of British anemia: pale skin, weak body, pouty mouth, and woefully lacking in male charisma. I know I must be wrong because he is a huge, huge movie star with fans that number in their ranks. plenty of male and female adults in addition to all those legions of Dawn worshipers. So really, someone ....anyone ...please explain to me what it is.....that he has....really.