Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Pitt & The Fury

Last night The Playlist shared the first footage and the first couple of pictures from David Ayer's upcoming WWII movie called Fury, which stars Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman and Shia LaBeouf and Michael Pena and Jon Bernthal as a bunch of army dudes in fatigues with sexy military haircuts stuck in a tank together. Sweatiness ensues! 

Right here I was going to say that David Ayer's last movie was the gung-ho terrific "Jake Gyllenhaal is a bald cop" movie End of Watch (and god I've been dying to post that gif for ages) but then I checked IMDb and apparently something called Sabotage came out last month that Ayer wrote and directed which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington and Joe Manganiello? Did any of you hear anything about this movie? I swear I heard nothing about this movie.

Hey that's gratuitous recipient Max Martini that Big Man Joe's fondling! Clearly I have to see this movie. Anyway Fury is out in November; I don't know that it's the sort of movie that'll get awards attention, but Ayer is a fine director and I fully expect this to be a solid film.

Plus they all have sexy haircuts. Did I mention that? 

Here's that footage from it below. It looks beautiful.

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