Friday, June 20, 2014

Gratuitous Aden Young

I put it to you guys to tell me about this Aden Young person - I'm fairly certain I've seen him in absolutely nothing. It was a review of his show Rectify headlined by his picture that caught my eye yesterday, and immediately I thought to myself - When did Karl Urban and Tom Hardy have a baby? And why wasn't I there for the moment of indubitably immaculate conception?

Anyway from what I have gathered he's Australian, although he was born in Toronto. Uh... he's 42-ish (his actual birth day isn't listed anywhere). I don't even know what his show's about - I didn't bother reading the review where I saw his picture; I saw the picture and went to find more pictures. Ta-dah!

So y'all tell me whatever y'all know about him if you know anything in the comments, after we stare at some more pictures (including prison nudity and the ability under extreme duress to keep one's genitals covered from all angles) after the jump. Deal? Deal.

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Roark said...

Aden Young is indeed the star of Rectify, which is one of the best shows currently airing on television. It's about a death row inmate - convicted of raping and murdering a classmate at the age of 18 - who is released back into civilization after twenty years. It's a beautiful show about a very strange, damaged man, who may or may not have had a role in the crimes he was convicted of, trying to reclaim his identity while dealing with an entire town worth of people who think he is a stone cold monster, and treat him as such. It's slow and meditative and exquisite. It's on Sundance channel and flew very far below the radar in its first season, but that first season is on Netflix and well worth watching. The second season started last night. Young is outstanding. The whole cast is. I can't recommend it highly enough.