Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Good Morning, World

Aww look it's young(ish) Thomas Jane. Remember that fella? The whole world in front of him. I was thinking about TJ yesterday and how I haven't seen him in ages so I looked him up on IMDb and he's got about a thousand projects in some state of production (including the new Gregg Araki joint) so I guess I shouldn't feel bad for him, and yet... I see a lot of names like "Piper Perabo" and "Kate Bosworth" as his co-stars up in there and I worry. 

I don't know if anybody remembers but when Stander came out in 2003 the acting buzz around him kind of felt like the buzz around Eric Bana with Chopper or Tom Hardy with Bronson or Matthias Schoenaerts with Bullhead - one-word-titled manly-man affairs that were a showcase for the leading man's talents (and respective penises, actually). Things didn't quite take, though. The Punisher lived up to its title. He refused to wear shoes and married Patricia Arquette and made a TV show starring a prosthetic cock. Ah well. We'll always have Deep Blue Sea, Tom! And that time you made out with Vincent D'Onofrio! Oh and this scene in this movie Thursday where he's tied to a chair and sexually assaulted by Paulina Porizkova. We'll always have these three things.

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