Friday, May 30, 2014

Which Is Hotter?

So who's the fairest queen bitch of them all?


John said...

The sad thing is I like Charlize Theron, great actress (Monster) but the movie was not that good. I haven't seen Maleficent yet but it does look good.

AG said...

I liked the movie.

Especially because of the strong lead female characters.

The storyline was okay/good but I loved the roles of Kristen/Charlize and the sex object (albeit not much gratuitous scene that one shirtless scene) - Chris Hemsworth.

AG said...

But I voted for Angelina here - she really fits the part.

Haven't seen many movies of Charlize but in the Huntsman it felt like a Hollywood sex siren CHARLIZE playing an evil queen - I wasn't completely sold.

John said...

No question Chris Hemsworth is hot, but that wasn't enough for me to save the movie. To each his own.

M said...

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, obvy!

joel65913 said...

Love them both but a lot of Angelina's look is the hat, Charlize has the collar but she dominates the entire look so Charlize for the win!

dk468 said...

Angie spoke of the lady Gaga's sfx inspiration on the cheekbones so it does not get any gayer!

I just wish that in polite company, that
Twa¥light,err I mean, Twilight homebreaking skank wouldn't be mentioned! Ugh!

AG said...

^ 'homebreaking'

People seriously believe that?