Thursday, May 08, 2014

I Am Link

--- Blood Red Shoes - Vera Farmiga is going to star in the ballet dark-comedy Prima, as a mother "who will stop at nothing to realize her daughter's ballet dancing dream;" she'll be starring opposite her Orphan co-star Peter Sarsgaard as the daughter's "devil in dance shoes" instructor. And on top of all that the choreography will be from Mr. Natalie Portman, that hot piece Benjamin Millepied. I hope Ben's in it, and reenacts this part from The Black Swan, only with Peter as his crotch-groper. That's what I hope. By the way I am sort of addicted to ballet in real life now - that shit is tons of fun! And those dancer's bodies - my goodness

--- Lick It Up Baby - As I said in my last post today where I celebrated the Dead Gay Sons in Heathers, I am going to see the off-Broadway musical in a couple of weeks, so this conversation here with the dudes who turned the movie into songs (thanks Mac) is pretty much perfect reading for today.

--- Tree Stand - The last time I mentioned A Monster Calls, the upcoming horror flick from the director of The Orphanage and the writer of the great Chaos Walking books, I mentioned that Liam Neeson was rumored to star as the, well, I guess the monster. Now we have confirmation. Felicity Jones is playing the mother of the kid who's the main character who meets the monster, which is in the form of a tree in his backyard. I am guessing Liam will be doing voice-work then, and not wearing this (although that would be soooo awesome).
--- Sweet On Honey - We finally have some new information on Andrea Arnold's next movie (her last being the lovely Wuthering Heights) - we already knew it was going to be her first US-based film and was going to be about a teenage girl going to work for a magazine and getting sidetracked with party-time; now we have a title, American Honey (better than the rumored one of Mag Crew) and the news that Arnold will be shooting it this Summer, and casting's underway now. I'm guessing she'll be hiring unknowns since that's how she usually rolls, and to great effect too. (Speaking of, where the hell are all of Katie Jarvis' jobs dammit?)

--- Byrne On Fire - Looks like I am definitely going to see Neighbors this weekend; they'd prodded me with enough Zac Efron beefcake into curiostiy, but now that we've got word that Rose Byrne's part is much more than just "Wife Way Too Pretty For Schlumpy Funny Guy" and she's got stuff to do, well sign me up, I love Rose Byrne. Says The Playlist:

"She has proven herself to be a fearless comedic performer, one who is absolutely awe-inspiring in this movie. Rose Byrne is second banana no more."

--- Un Wrapped - Andy Muschietti, the director of the surprise success horror flick Mama (which had its moments but was ultimately only okay, says me), has dropped off of a reboot of The Mummy after clashing with the folks at Universal. He wanted to make something dark, they wanted something light, wake me up when we aren't hearing this story for the thousandth time. I'll be over here with mark Romanek imagining his Wolfman movie.

--- Half Mast - Well damn, so much sexiness just got tossed down the drain - FOX canceled both Enlisted, which starred Geoff Stults and Parker Young and Chris Lowell as military brothers and got them all instagramming themselves as we documented here, and Chris Meloni's new show Surviving Jack, which we've also documented the gratuity from. All four of you guys just come over, I'll get you drunk and ease your pain, I promise.

--- Heart Broken - The best thing about this oh let's just say misguided piece on the upcoming adaptation of Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart (misguided is being so so nice on my part) is actually all of the comments - this is not how things usually work! Usually the comments sections of big websites read like troll central! But the article itself is the trolling here, and the comments take that shit to task, and spectacularly. 


The Bloody Munchkin said...

Re: Enlisted getting canned: Nooooooooo! That show had everything! Poo Guns, wrapping red-necks with wolf shirts, Geoff Stults in cut-off shirts, Parker Young crying, Parker Young crying while wrapping presents, Brandon Routh in an alligator costume for no discernible reason, uncomfortable but weirdly enjoyable brother on brother showering, Cheese Puffs, In Bulk, David Keith's smile, Stacy Keech being Stacy Keech. And the list goes on. Damn you Fox! Have you no shame!!!!!

AG said...

OMG Why? I've been wondering all day about this!

They say poor ratings but is it because they showed homoerotic scenes and we all know how much FOX likes that right?

Anyway forever grateful to Enlisted for creating another Parker Young bootyshaking scene -

fat husband said...

Spoiler alert! At the end of Neighbors Zac Efron ends up working for Abercrombie & Fitch. ;)