Friday, May 09, 2014

Good Morning, World

Apparently Chris Diamantopoulos played some sort of down low (that's what the kids are calling it right) homosexual on The Starter Wife? That's what these shots are from, and the scene involves him hopping out of bed with that large man and then hopping out the window five seconds later when some woman comes a'knockin. I don't really care about the context so much though - I will give it my own meaning, to suit my own purposes, when needed.

Diamantopoulos (who turns 39 today) has been in pretty much everything - car commercial Three Stooges movies - but it was only his role on Episodes as the new psycho network dude Castor Sotto (how perfect is that name?) that he finally caught my attention. And then he showed up on Hannibal! Crawling out of a fucking horse! Bless you, Bryan Fuller.


Chip Chandler said...

I think he was openly gay on that show, and his bed partner was the one on the DL. Only vague memories, though, mostly that he shaved his chest unnecessarily.

Drew F said...

Chip has it right. He was definitely VERY out in that show. As bad as it was, I was definitely sad it got cancelled. Anything for Debra Messing ;)