Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Good Morning, World

Have any of you seen Möbius? I don't know if it even got a proper release - maybe in France? I've had my eye on it since way back when I first saw some of these pictures; it's on Netflix now, so I suppose I'll add it to the ol' queue. For a long while (up until oh let's say thirty seconds ago) I actually thought it had something to do with the artist Jean Giraud, like a bio-pic or something, which sounded interesting (Have you read The Incal? You should!), but no it's just some sort of spy-in-love thriller thing. Well it got Jean shirtless anyway, so it's worth something. Hit the jump for more!

And here are a few bonus shots of Jean in other things because I quite frankly can never have enough of him.

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Glenn said...

I saw this at Tribeca last year. It's an agreeable enough spy movie that its very pretty to look at (locations AND cast, obviously).