Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Good Morning, World

I don't remember what led me down a Joel McCrea path yesterday, I think it was a side-track off of that Lew Ayres road I was on, but it led me to some good stuff so let's wander here for a hot minute. It's always a good time in McCrea-ville. The above is from a 1932 movie called The Sport Parade, which we're all fortunate fell right before they started enforcing the Hayes Code, because hello.

Here's the whole scene:
It's making me feel frisky!

You know what they say. Boys will be boys will be boys will be boys. (Seriously though - they can't keep their hands off of each other.)

Speaking of McCreas and homoeroticism, you probably should check out the pictures I posted over at the Tumblr of Joel's son Jody, himself an actor (best known for playing a dumb-ass in those Beach Blanket Bingo flicks), having his own work-out-related shenanigans with a pre-Bond Roger Moore. They're something.

But back to papa Joel. I'm stunned - STUNNED - to see with a little search that I've never posted any pictures of Joel before. That just doesn't seem right at all, I think the search engine is lying to me. But that's what it's saying. So we're making up for that. Hit the jump, I've got some pictures to share! (Oh and the skinny-dipping shots are from the - also pre-code obviously - 1932 flick Bird of Paradise.)

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joel65913 said...

Indeed Joel McCrea was one of the dreamiest of the golden age stars. The studio seemed to understand his appeal since he was often required to be shirtless in his films. So pretty and as a plus he could act!

You gotta love those pre-codes! There's another called Search for Beauty that has some nominal storyline involving a very young and very blonde Ida Lupino but is really an excuse to ogle Buster Crabbe and other fit young men for 80 minutes plus it has some boys running through the locker room bare assed.