Thursday, May 22, 2014

For The Beetlejuice Lovers

You should've heard the squeal I just let out when I opened up the Amazon package and saw this sucker staring back at me. Yes that's right -- you can own your very own Handbook For The Recently Deceased from Tim Burton's 1988 flick! Alright alright it's only a blank journal with the cover image, but it's as close as we can get to making like Otho and violating the realm of the unliving, so we'll take it. Speaking of -- what's the latest news on the supposed sequel that's being made? I need to go see where that stands.


John said...

I just watched Beetlejuice for the 1st time recently and it was ok, and I like Winona Ryder. At least it wasn't as bad as The Princess Bride. While I was watching I was thinking the special effects were probably cutting edge back then.

When Alec Baldwin used to attractive said...

Does Juno do the foreword. ;)

Hughes said...

@John: You were probably born in the 90s, you poor thing.