Monday, May 12, 2014

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Holiday (1938)

Linda: What's it like to get drunk, Ned?
Ned: Well, I... how drunk? 
Linda: Good and drunk! 
Ned: Oh, it's wonderful. You see, you think clear as crystal. 
But every move, every situation is a problem. 
It gets pretty interesting. 
Linda: You get beaten in the end though, don't you? 
Ned: Sure, but that's okay. 
Linda: Where do you wind up? 
Ned: Where does anybody wind up? 
You die... that's okay, too. 
Linda: Oh, Ned! that's awful! 
Ned: Think so? Other things are worse. 

Kate Hepburn was born 107 years ago today! If you wanna talk about her go look at Anne Marie's wonderful continuing series on her at The Film Experience though - I wanna talk about adorable Lew Ayres for a second. He's great in Holiday (which is my favorite Hepburn movie) and nobody ever seems to talk about him anymore. I didn't know a lot about him either so I looked him up and I can't decide if it's a pro or a con that he's the reason my arch-nemesis Jane Wyman left Ronald Reagan - I think it's probably a pro since he broke up her marriage and then never married her -- ha ha you're never gonna be First Lady, Wyman!!! Ahem. Anyway Lew was pretty cute (and he briefly destroyed his career by being a conscientious objector to the WWII!) so I gathered up a few pics for you after the jump...


shawnp said...

so happy to see some "Holiday" love out there.
Neddy is my hero.

joel65913 said...

I love Holiday too. It's one of my top five Hepburn films.

Lew was Mr. Ginger Rogers for a time. From what I've read that seems like it was a tough gig.