Thursday, May 01, 2014

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--- Rock Fever - Before I share this news let me warn my boyfriend to avert his eyes, this is probably going to hurt him - Baz Luhrmann, who my boyfriend can't stand, is probably going to make a movie about my boyfriend's favorite musician, a little somebody by the name of Elvis Aaron Presley. They have the rights to all the music (cut to Priscilla getting some more liquid gold injected into her cheeks), but there's no word on what period of Elvis' life they're gunning for; casting depends on that - I could see Baz loving the Vegas years.
--- Lynch Mob - I already mentioned what a disappointment the BAM conversation with David Lynch was yesterday, along with a desire to just move on and forget about it lest I seize up in anger, but here's a good take on it at The Playlist anyway - pay special attention to the comments where you might spot somebody familiar whining!
--- Agent Eternal - DH gathered up some quotes from Sam Mendes about why he decided to return to the James Bond business when he'd pretended he was done with it after Skyfall, and somehow he manages to say a whole lot without ever using the phrase "dolla dolla bill y'all." But let's be honest, if you had the chance to shoot Daniel Craig in tuxedos and out of tuxedos, wouldn't you take it for as long as they let you? Exactly.

--- Little Scares - Today's must-read is this article over at IndieWIRE talking about the current state of independant horror scene; they got some quotes from Larry Fessenden (whose Bigfoot movie is out this weekend, I think?) and Ti West amongst others, and there are links to other interesting articles contained therein. VOD is a big topic, of course. I personally feel pretty good about horror right now - yes you've got to sift through mountains of shit to find the little nuggets of good stuff, but as John Carpenter points out that's always been the case. I've already seen two great horror movies this year (The Babadook & The Canal) that I can think of right off my head.

--- Scud Stud - Armie Hammer has signed on to make a thriller called Mine, which is about a soldier stuck in the desert losing his marbles. It's from a a pair of relatively new directors named Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro - please tell me they call themselves The Fabio Brothers! Anyway since Armie's playing a soldier in the desert, I have high hopes for this. A snug t-shirt, sweat, dirt, dog-tags - all of this sounds like cinema!

--- TFF Enough - Nathaniel rounded up all of our reviews out of the Tribeca Film Festival over at The Film Experience, so if you think anything click on over. And yes I still have a few films to talk about that I saw there that I haven't gotten around to yet, including the best one I saw of all the ones I saw, so stay tuned.

--- Deep Throat - Hey there who wants to hear Michael Fassbender sing? You know you do. (You bring the sheet music, he's already got a great big microphone.) Head over here where they have a track from Frank, the movie where he wears nip-slipping tank-tops and a giant cartoon head.
--- Fresh Kills - I guess a hooker stole Harvey Weinstein's wallet on the Croisette cuz we've got news out of Cannes that dude needs some quick spending cash, aka he's talking about making another Halloween movie. It keeps getting called Halloween 3D, so you know, prepare your eyeballs for pointy objects. Don't you feel like John Carpenter might take a stab (hahahahahaha) at Halloween again at this point? I feel like he might. Make it happen!

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Doris Day's Alimony said...

Why can't your boyfriend stand Baz, well, other than the fact that Baz Luhrman is a filthy, closeted self-loathing repressed homosexual.

Other than that he seems like a lovely lisping, limp-wristed, musical directing, showtunes-lovin' kind of guy.