Wednesday, May 07, 2014

All About Leigh

Thing I learned today: if you google "Leigh Whannell shirtless" you get lots of pictures of Bryan Greenberg and Kevin Bacon shirtless, but no Leigh. Sadness. Also, that's a college education at work! 

Leigh Whannell you ought to know is one half of the Aussie film-making duo, alongside James Wan seen brandishing the hacksaw up top, behind the Saw and Insidious franchises. He wrote (and acted in them), while Wan directed. Until now! Wan's expressed a desire to move on from directing horror (he's working on the latest Fast & Furious opus right now) and so Whannell it has just been announced will be picking up his slack and making the third Insidious movie his first directing endeavor. That's a big first gig, yo. I love both the Insidious movies - here's my review of the first one and here's my review of the second one - and so I pray Leigh's up to it, I want the series to finish on a high note. (Assuming it's remaining a trilogy.) Do you think this means his character's role will suddenly be ginormous? Well at the very least Leigh you can do us all a favor and write you and Patrick Wilson a sex scene, mkay?

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AG said...

A gratuitous gay sex scene of Patrick Wilson with all the focus on his ginormous perfect ass please!