Thursday, April 17, 2014

Which is Hotter?

William Holden: Bam or POW?
Bill would've turned 96 today. 

How have I never seen Golden Boy anyway? 
A boxing movie starring William Holden 
and Barbara Stanwyck? Sign me up!


Anonymous said...

He was such a hairy guy in real life it's so weird how they shaved him down for certain movies.

joel65913 said...

Any William Holden until around the mid-60's was good looking William Holden. After that the cigarettes and especially the booze steadily destroyed his looks. He was still a terrific actor but he aged very quickly.

Golden Boy is good, he's still very green in it though. It was to be his big chance but was not going well and he was on the verge of being dismissed from the film. Barbara Stanwyck stepped in and said she would work with him as much as needed, doing so throughout the picture helping him come across with a quality performance. He was slavishly devoted to her ever after and when they were presenting at the Oscars he recounted the experience and she was obviously deeply moved, a lovely moment. A few years later after his passing she was awarded an Honorary Oscar and referenced the moment and her love for him choking back tears, again very moving. Both clips are on Youtube.

Rob K. said...

He is the "actor who died while he was drinking" in the Suzanne Vega song, "Tom's Diner." She really had never heard of him. He was totally dreamy in the 50's.