Monday, April 28, 2014

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... getting the nighty-night-time giggles 
with James Wolk and Hamish Linklater.

Well it's clear that The Crazy Ones is just straight up fucking with me now. First they got James in short shorts sucking on a popsicle and I thought there'd be no topping it... well actually they probably won't ever top that, but that doesn't seem to be stopping James from trying to top it... as well as Hamish. Hit the jump for more!

1 comment:

Remington said...

He's just so damn yummy. I'm gonna be so pissed off if "The Crazy Ones" doesn't get picked up for a second season. He's hilarious on it. As is everyone else. But yeah, I could look at him all day. :)